Tom Green | Weddings

I genuinely love photographing weddings, and even though I'm 'only' the photographer, get just as excited in the days leading up to a wedding as those taking part as family and friends. There is an atmosphere of pure happiness infused throughout the entire day by everyone taking part and its infectious, and when it’s time for me to go home at the end of the day, its normally late into the night with a sore face from all the smiling and laughing I've done myself. It's a great feeling.

Because I love what I do, I'm fully committed to telling the story of the day, through my photography and natural creativity I capture those little memories and fleeting moments, shooting with a very friendly and relaxed style, unobtrusive and allowing everybody to enjoy the day with minimal direct involvement. That doesn't mean I'll assume the role of mysterious and anonymous camera toting bystander though, far from it. I get with the flow and naturally engage with you, which can be invaluable, letting you relax and be yourself, which in turn helps me to capture a truer, more natural story of the day - the real smiles, laughter and moments - and ones that you can happily look back through time and time again with a big smile, and maybe a tear.

If you would like ask me about photographing your wedding or want to get an idea of prices, you can have a look at my Price Guide, which will open in a new window, if you click here, or you can drop me an email and say hello by filling in the contact form if you click here. I hope you enjoy the gallery and decide to get in touch.