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I'm Tom and that's a photo of me on a boat in Scotland (I don't normally dress like that). I'm a photographer from North West England and I mainly spend my time photographing landscapes, weddings and cars. I've also shot some sports (Ice Hockey and Football) as well as work for commercial clients for good measure too.  




I've been fortunate enough to do a little bit of travelling over the last few years and inevitably a camera has almost always joined me on the adventure. I've been to East Asia (Thailand and Hong Kong) before moving a little further afield for a short spell in Australia and onto a longer stay in New Zealand. Coming home to the UK I was driven to explore and appreciate my own country and set off on trips up to Scotland and the Isle of Skye down to South Wales and Cornwall, as well as regular visits to areas like the Lake District and Snowdonia, which are right on my doorstep. Iceland is one other place I've visited that stands out and I have been lucky enough to see (and photograph) the Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights up there. This all means I have a huge collection of photographs and I have shared some of them here over in my Landscape Gallery (click to view).    


A few years ago a couple of friends had their photographer drop out of their wedding, it was unavoidable and fairly close to the wedding day so I offered to bring my camera with me and fill the gap as best I could. I soon got the bug, things snowballed from there and I decided to professionally offer my services as a wedding photographer. Every wedding I've done since has been a unique and rewarding experience and I've honestly enjoyed every minute. You can have a look through my wedding photography gallery by clicking here.


If you would like to have me photograph your wedding and want to get an idea of prices, you can have a look at my Price Guide which will open in a new window if you click here.




I've a small gallery to view here, but I also have a separate dedicated website with lots more content at (click to visit). 


If you want to get in touch, click here to say hello or perhaps if you're local to the Manchester area, I also have a small gallery on display at Window Creations, 170 Bolton Road, Worsley M28 3BN.

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